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Hello everyone!

I'm ready to begin announcing my website and its subscription system!

I'll be offering free conversions from Patreon to the Vix's Guild this month for certain tiers (Reynard-Kyuubi) for those that want to try it out without making the full jump.

This is still a work in progress but we will no longer have to jump through hoops for me to give you your rewards or the kind of rewards I want to be providing. Explicit content, full nudity and galleries for both sets and vids for you to enjoy right at the site.

There are different perks to each sub/title, some are single months and some are multiple months so you can choose ahead of time how long you'd like to stay instead of worrying about the monthly charges. 

Also now more of the money goes directly to me instead of three different companies taking a fee from my earnings.

Things that have been added:

Photo Gallery- I'll be adding many of the sets I've done throughout my career to this page, they won't be full sets necessarily but it gives you a place to look through and check them out. I'll be updating it with the newest sets as time goes as well. (Non-downloadable)

Videos- This page I'll post both new and old vids ranging from sfw to nsfw. Short clips will be included as well from different sets. A live feature has also been added to this page for when I do livestreams there. A library will be provided for previous broadcasting's. (Non-downloadable)

Forum- A page for members and myself to discuss about different things. If you have questions, suggestions or even just want to talk about a certain topic, this is the place!

Main Page- Where my blog/timeline is located to supply you updates and sneak peeks at what I'm doing. 

Elite's Room- Now this is where the newest photosets and vids go first. Newest complete Photosets are posted in here and are downloadable. This also includes the respective vids for the set. Also a window that looks directly into my Chaturabte room when I go live. The members with access to this room will get chances to choose the next set via choose-your-adventure themed story. More will be talked about this after I've put some more work into it.

So that's a general rundown about what is going on in there. There's also file sharing but that's for another time. We'll be free to make this new site cater to the kind of experience we want.

If you're curious about what subs gets what access, be sure to check out the subscriptions page.

You're more than welcome to message me and becoming a regular site member is free, that gives you access to the forum and the main page.

For those that want it cut and dry, I'll also be opening a OnlyFans to fill in for those that just want simple rewards and at lower cost. It will serve as a trickle down from my website, so keep that in mind if you want first look and access.

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