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Update: New Pages, New Permissions and Pages Explanation

File sharing has been renamed Quest Board and added a page Quest Rewards and Loot

New permission access has been added to certain Guild Memberships:

Pages Explanations:

Main Page will give you all the latest updates on what is going on and for announcements.

Photo Gallery shows past sets for members to view, these are non-downloadable.

Vids features a variety of short clips and full vids for Guild Members to enjoy, these are non-downloadable.

Quest Board is where the action happens, decisions are made and loot is won. Guild members can go on quests to unlock loot and rewards, which opens up more photosets and some will have multiple versions, giveaways and more.

Elite's Room members receive the newest full sets and vids, in here you can download the sets posted there.

Quest Rewards and Loot is the vault where the full sets stay for Elite members to view and where loot is placed after Quests. Loot can either be shared among the Quest goers or with the whole guild.

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