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I'm Vixenshelby and I do online modeling and entertainment.

Also don't forget our mascot,Thixen Vixen.

She's the fox counterpart to the Skulk.

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A Little About Us


I'm Shelby, nice to meet ya!

26 years old [Dec. 5, 1994]


P.O.Box 731

Stanfield, OR 97875

Been in my line of work 8+ years now, doing work as a model, entertainer, photographer, editor and artist. 

I'm known for my boudoir work and cosplay, which range from cartoon characters, anime, game characters and even some Original Characters.

My goals: to work with other talent, do professional or brand shoots and vids and branch out into different fields.

Meet me in The Grove!


Has anthro and human form

Height varies from 5'5" to 6'8"

Streams on Twitch


Thixen Vixen is the mascot of Vixenshelby and an undebuted Vtuber.

She's ditzy and silly but is ready to have a good time with you all! 

Thixen will also be making sex education vids for people to learn about their bodies.


Lore coming soon! 


Mountain Swimming

Current Set

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